Arrogant Witch

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dress – vero moda// hat – primark// shoes – yru// socks – topshop// black mens shirt – vintage//

Hey witch baes,

I lately fall for this arrogant witch look I think I might have been one in a former life, lol. Do you know this when you wake up, get dressed and you can feel your look? That is what happens to me every morning in the past weeks. As you can see I got my hair done properly last month and I haven’t had braids in ages but I really feel good and I’m finally happy about how my hair looks. I always think that it’s so important to feel comfortable with the way you look and the things you do. For me it’s one of the most interesting things about fashion to feel comfortable and to show who you are. I like that you can show that you’re for example part of something or against something and although I think it’s sad that there are still so many prejudices about people who dress in a different way. But if you only concentrate on the positive things in life you realize that there don’t have to be boundaries and people who dress for example out of your comfort zone don’t have to be weird or strange people. I just love the fact that people are so different and somehow all the same.

I mean I love to look kinda arrogant but I don’t really think I am. I only like the distance you get to people because I sometimes prefer to live in my own world and don’t have human contact all the time. And it works, lol. Anyways, this was my friday look and I just went to uni and then enjoyed the lovely weather with friends. I need to get some work done for uni now although I’m not really motivated in this semester. I just can’t wait to return to London in July. Have a lovely sunday evening! xx Alizée

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