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My winter essentials

Posted on: Januar 8th, 2016 by Alizee No Comments



Hey guys, it’s been a while and we’re so sorry for the lack of posts. Anyways, happy new year boys and girls! I was just thinking about making an outfit post when I realized I really have no idea how to dress when it’s fucking freezing outside. So I just thought I might just do a post about a couple of things I survive the winter with.Winter1

Gloves – Urban Outfitters// fluffy headband – monki// and the knitted jumper is my fave! My Mum gave that to me out of her closet and we all know how cool mum’s closets can be right? winter3

Next are some incense sticks and some books I’m gonna read! I love it when it’s snowing outside and you just stay in bed and read all day/night.winter4And last but not least my warmy, Artemis my all time fave stuffed animal (Go Sailor Team!) And also really important Tee and Vitamin C! Nobody would like to get a cold right? Anyways I’m trying to shoot some outfit pictures of my wrapped up 1000 layer look soon lol. What do you hate or like about winter and what do you like to do to survive it?

Much love x Alizée


On the streets

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latex pants- second hand// turtleneck- secondhand// bomber-secondhand// shoes-vagabond

Hey Guys,
these are my last weeks here in Berlin and I already miss the city. I love how open minded the people are here. Even fashion wise..Nobody gives you a strange look if you are dressed in a certain way, because nobody cares. And it’s great!
This it what I wore last weekend when we still had some sunshine here in Germany. A friend visited me and we did some shopping together. I got a really nice spiked collar and I can’t wait to show it to you!
I wore these ultra shiny latex pants I got at the thrift store. I really love how they look but you get reaaaally sweaty in these after a while..haha. The turtleneck is also thrifted and I put on my new Mac lipstick ‘smoked purple’. The perfect dark lip color! Do you know some other?
Have a great week! Lots of love! Andreina

Wicked Emerald

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wicked emerald1 wicked emerald2 wicked emerald3 wicked emerald4 wicked emerald5

Shoes – river island// velvet crop top – tally weijl// skirt – vintage// bag – primark// leather jacket – vintage// cross choker – DIY// 

Hey babes,

I can’t believe that I only have two weeks left in London. Time flies, doesn’t it? I’m leaving for Paris soon! I’m so excited to see it, I’ve never been there (probably because I don’t speak French lol). Do you know when you have this kind of feeling about a place you’ve never been to? I quite have a strong feeling about Paris that it’s beautiful but cold in a way. I already know it won’t be a place that feels like home but I guess it’s a good place to spend a wonderful week. Anyways, as you already know I’ve been working for the designer Sadie Clayton at the moment! And it’s still amazing! We have the show on Friday in London and you can’t imagine how busy it is before the show. I’m literally just sitting on the bus sqeezing this blog post in because I have some spare minutes before I have to get off lol. Anyways, on the pictures you can see I’m still obsessed with this witchy look and I’ve got my hair done. I wanted to have the vibes of cruella de vil ha! I love dressing up like Disney or anime villains. I found this skirt in a vintage shop in Dalston around the corner from my work for only £3. And you never guess what!! I also found Dr martens there in my size for £3 as well!! How good is that?? I looove vintage shopping haha 

Wish you all an amazing week babes! X Alizée  


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Hey Girls and Boys!

It has been a while that I have posted something. I thought I would start with this little diary. My friend Julia visited me from Hamburg. We had an awesome weekend together and finally I found the time to do some ‘touristic’ stuff. We visited a gallery, did some shopping, chilled at the Mauerpark and ate at a great asian restaurant. The weather was nice so we went also to te flea market at the RAW Area and I found some nice things there. Love this!


As you can see I bleached and cut my hair and now I am really blonde.. I have never had my hair that light before, but I really like it! My hairdresser bleached it two times. At first I did an brown to blonde Ombré look. After a few weeks I decided to bleach also the roots..Like this I didn’t damage my hair that much.
How do you like it?
Lots of love

Skull Belt

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IMG-20150627-WA0011IMG-20150627-WA0018 class=IMG-20150627-WA0012
IMG-20150627-WA0017 class=

Hey Guys!

I don’t really know what to tell you.. so let’s skip to the outfit. Found this belt in my closet that i bought few years ago in Italy. I got the top at h&m just because I liked the sun and moon pattern so much.
As you might have seen I have one of Alizees braids now! She braided it to my hair last weekend. I really love it! It is so cute and it makes me feel like I’m 8 years old again haha..

Hugs! Andreina

Cool Kids

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtop-bozzolo// pants- topshop// jacket- h&m// shoes- adidas

Hey Guys!
What’s up? Can’t believe the last week of this semester has already started. Time is running so fast and I am getting excited because i will do an internshp this summer. But I’ll tell you more about it when it starts!

Last week I wore this all black outfit to uiversity. I look quite funny on the photos because I tried to look ‘cool’ and I’m really not haha..
I still loving my round sunglasses and my new sneakers. I call them my ‘rave-shoes’ because they are so comfortable and you can dance all night long in these.. I swear!

So, see you on the dancefloor! Lots of love, Andreina!

School’s out

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dress-H&M// t-shirt- selfmade// shoes- dr.martens// jeansvest-secondhand

Hey Guys!

These are the pictures Alizée and I took last week. As we went to the park here in Hambug we saw some cool buildings and decided to take some pictures there.

I really liked these cute kind of caves in the wall. It was finally warm enough to wear a dress without tights. I was so happy because in general I always feel cold. As you can see I layered a t-shirt underneath. This reminds me so much of when I was a child and this whole layering thing was really big.

For accessories I went with my round pair of sunglasses an a ‘necklace’.. It’s not really a necklace, but at the moment I love to wrap everything I find around my neck and use it as one.. hahah

I hope you are doing fine! xxx Andreina

Jeans and Leather

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jeans vest- secondhand// leather jacket-h&m// t-shirt- new look// shoes- creepers// jeans- h&m

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a great weekend.. Mine was quite nice but now I need the week to relax a bit haha..

Last week I wore my jeans vest to university. The weather at the moment is changing every five minutes.

What I like about that, is that you can start layering your clothes. I wore this cute checked t-shirt with a leather jacket and my vest on top to add some warmth. Finished off with simple black jeans and yeah ..that’s all..really simple but I liked it that day!

And what do you think about my hairstyle haha? xxx Andreina


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coat-sheinside// turtleneck- new look// cardigan- h&m// trousers- monki// shoes- adidas

Hey lovelys!
The new semester started today and I feel really motivated! Best thing about it: Alizée and I are in the same class now! Can’t describe how happy I am!
For the first day of university I kept my outfit really simple. I styled my Adidas originals with my new coat from I wore my wide comfy trousers and a long cardigan to add some layer. To keep warm I wore a simple black turtleneck..Let’s hope it will get warm soon! I hope you will have a happy easter weekend! Enjoy the free days! xxx Andreina

Jelly and Donuts

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Shirt – Vintage // Skirt – Monki // jacket – gina tricot // donut socks – monki // jelly shoes – urban outfitters//

Hi ihr Lieben!

Oh mein Gott! Die, die mich kennen wissen, dass ich ja auf niedliches glitzerndes Zeug total abfahre, auch wenn ich manchmal nicht so wirken mag. ABER DIESE DONUT SOCKEN UND DIESE JELLY SCHUHE! Ich konnte einfach nicht nein sagen. Diese Kombination ist so süß wie ein Donut selbst finde ich. Auf dem letzten Bild könnt ihr auch meine heiß geliebten Kontaktlinsen sehen. Seit ich Kind war, habe ich mir immer grüne Augen gewünscht! Und nun hab ich endlich eine Lösung dafür gefunden.

Das wars auch schon wieder von mir, werde mich jetzt weiter einer Schnittkonstruktion widmen. Einen schönen Abend wünsche ich euch!

xx Alizée


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shirt- urbanoutfitters// jeans- h&m// shoes- chicwish// backpack-primark// beanie-h&m

Hey ihr Lieben,
den wahrscheinlich letzten Sommertag haben wir letzte Woche noch auf den Fotos eingefangen. Buuh! Hoffentlich hab ich mit meiner Prognose unrecht. Tja, die Ferien sind nun vorbei und dann kanns ja wieder schlechter werden.
Alizée und ich haben uns vorgenommen in nächster Zeit wieder öfter was von uns hören zu lassen.
In der Uni sehen wir uns relativ häufig da ist das auch einfacher!
Ich hoffe ihr habt vielleicht noch ein wenig Urlaub oder schöne Rest’Sommer’ Ferien!
Fühlt euch gedrückt!

First Flowers in February

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Am Freitag nach der Uni haben wir noch schnell ein paar Fotos geschossen! Weil ich irgendwie schon so in Sommerlaune war ist mir mein Blümchenkleid regelrecht aus dem Schrank entgegen gesprungen! Oder war es doch etwa weil mir sonst niemand am Valentinstag Blumen zukommen lies? haha
Wie dem auch sei, ich liebe dieses perfekte Sommerkleid! Am meisten kombinier ich es mit Leder- oder Jeansjacken und groben Schuhen damit das ganze nicht zu niedlich wird. Aber ich freu mich auch drauf wenn die Temperaturen es zulassen nur mit Kleid aus dem Haus zu gehen! Hoffen wir dass wir nicht mehr allzu lange warten müssen! xx Andreina!

Dress- Urban Outfitters// Faux Leather Jacket- H&M// Overknees-DIY // Beanie- Urban Outfitters// Creepers- Underground