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She’s so lucky, She’s a star

Posted on: Juni 12th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments


Hi babes, 

I recently ordered my new iPhone case at and I’m so happy I finally received it. I absolutely fell in love with the star freckles look of the illustrations and tried it myself. As some of you already know I love everything glittery and everything I can add to my make up to make it look more unique than a casual make up look. Also I tried something else than my favorite black lipstick and I have to say it felt strange the first few days but now I’m used to different lippies. I prefer a nude color to the grungy eyeshadow (or black) but this is a nice summer look I think. Anyways, have a fantastic weekend lovelies xx Alizée 

Marsala Eyeshadow

Posted on: Februar 14th, 2015 by Andreina No Comments


Hey Guys!
I Just wanted to show you what I like to wear on my eyes at the moment. It’s kind of a red smokey eye and it reminds me of Marsala, Pantones color of the year. I always thought that red eyeshadow would make you look instantly sick or like you’ve been crying all night long. But actually it looks kind of cool and quite grungy. Make sure to even out your skin tone before you put on red eyeshadow. I used my naked palette and a bright red color from a no name eyeshadow palette. If you don’t have a red eyeshadow like me, just try to use a bit of blush haha. As long as you have a good eyeshadow base it should be fine. Hope you like this look. Could be an opportunity to wear for valentines day today, right? Have a good weekend! xxx Andreina

Witchy claws

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Hi baes,
First of all a happy Sunday to all of you out there! I’m just blogging a quick beauty post for you since I did my nails yesterday. I know I haven’t posted in ages and I’m really sorry for that. But there is so much to do, I still got no camera and the weather is shitty when I want to take photos. I thought I just show you what I did with my nails yesterday. It’s pretty simple but looks amazing. You just need black and transparent glitter varnish for all nails I found the green-blue-gold glitter varnish at superdrug and when I read “mermaid collection” I couldn’t help but buy it, haha. Well, the glitter gems are from Claire’s, and the ones of you that follow me on Instagram know that I love to decorate my face with them, lol. Just take a bit of nail glue and stick them on your nails. I think it’s an amazing effect to have one nail highlighted like this. What do you think?
xx Alizée

NYE Make up Looks

Posted on: Dezember 29th, 2014 by Alizee No Comments

Hey Dolls,

since Andreina did the NYE outfits I was thinking about doing some make up inspiration post for you guys. I never wore so much make up when I lived in Germany but since I’m in London I really started to try out new things. Now eyeliner and lipstick isn’t enough for me! Well, I wanted to show you 3 of my favourite looks and here they are:

Space Bae

space bae

What you need: black eyeliner, glitter eyeliner, black and white lipstick (if you don’t have grey), a bit of black eyeshadow

What I love about fashion and make up is that you can always slip into another role. Well, this is the space witch role. I really love the 60s space look and tried it out for the first time today and it’s even easier than I thought it would be!! Just add a bit of glitter to the inside of your black eyeliner and it’s spacey as fuck! Instead of my almost one and only favorite lipstick color black, I used a black mixed with white to finish the look off with some space grey. I think this is my look for NYE, bitches! <3

Atlantis Queen

mermaidy diva

The secound look is almost my make up from halloween look, well I was a mermaid for halloween as you may have seen on instagram. But for NYE I did it a bit darker, you know I love black. So here it is.

Evil Doll

evil doll

And the last one is just the evil or horror doll. I know it’s more like a costume party thing, but I really love it. Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve with all your beloved friends. And don’t drink too much!

Cheers! Alizée