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hello again..

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parka-sopopular// sweater-sopopular// jeans-urban outfitters// boots- vagabond

Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since I created a post on this blog. I’m really sorry, but since I moved back from Berlin time ran so fast. Now it’s nearly been three months since I am back in Hamburg. Feels like nothing has changed..

We took these pictures back in november. When I had freshly coloured hair and was all dressed in Sopopular ( the label I did my internship at).

Though it is a menswear label their clothes are quite unisex. They kindly gave me lots of clothes as I left. This nice sweater is made out of a really cool fabric, which looks like its knitted. And the parka has a zipper in the middle so you can take off the under part a wear it as a jacket. I really love their clothing, because of these cool details. So go and check them out!

Lots of love, Andreina

sweater weather

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sweater-theraggedpriest// vest-secondhand// boots-dr.martens// rings-h&m

Hey Guys! were so nice to let me chose a piece of clothing from their onlineshop aswell! I received these nice leather pants last week. Theyy are made of a soft material so they are great to wear! I also like how they look with the zipper detailing in the front.
I wore them with one of the sweaters I found at the flea market here in Friedrichshain. It has many cutouts on the sleeves and looks quite torn in the back aswell.
I still like to combine leather and jeans for an edgy outfit. So I wore my Dr. Martens with it to complete the look. What do you think?
If you want to have a look at the pants just check out relaxfeelfashion !
Hugs! Andreina

Badass Ballerina

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Badass Ballerina1

badass Ballerina2 Kopie

badass ballerina3 Kopie

badass ballerina4

badass Ballerina5

badass ballerina6

Tulle Skirt – relaxfeelfashion // velvet body – vintage // boots – river island // leather jacket – vintage // tattoo choker – themooncult // cross choker – DIY //

Hey Babes,

I just received this beautiful tulle skirt from . OMG, I’m so in love with it! So my look for today is the ballerina from hell haha. As I always loved contrasts I thought it’s gonna look pretty badass if I combine this tutu with black velvet and fishnet tights and my fave boots. And as it’s getting colder now it’s also good to have a warm piece of velvet underneath my leather jacket, haha. ALSO: There is a giveaway from relaxfeel which I shared in the post before. I wish you all good luck! Go and grab that $200 voucher and shop their amazing cloths. Click HERE and buy your cute tulle skirt !

Much love Alizée

Oh Gibraltar

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Hi Lovelies,

As some of you may have seen on Instagram already, I’ve been to Gibraltar this year for 2 nights with Sadie Clayton. She was invited over to showcase at the Runway Gibraltar event and was allowed to bring one assistant. It was quite surreal because I just got back to London and the next day we flew out to this place I’ve heard of but never actually had a picture in my head of it. Anyways Gibraltar is such a lovely place to be! It’s just mind blowing that you can see Africa and walk to Spain. It takes you 20 minutes on the ferry to Morocco (unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time). But still we made a tour to the top of the mountain (which looks a bit as it’s an island in pirates of the carribean, haha) we saw some of these cute little monkeys, went to see the incredible caves and of course had a look to Africa. 

It’s also interesting to see all the British influence as well. All the people were friendly, you paid in pounds and oh my god look at that red phone box in the middle of the botanical garden! That is just hilarious, isn’t it? 

Well, anyways we stayed at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel which was just dream of a hotel. The first day we had the show and the after show party. It was so much fun and so well organized as well. I mean I as an assistant could relax and nothing really to prepare before and after the show. The next day Sadie had an interview with GBC and afterwards we had the time to go to the top of the mountain with a really friendly taxi driver who showed us around. 

Oh my god! I completely forgot! The Airport of Gibraltar is also the border, which means if you come from Spain you have to walk across the airport runway and it’s also one of the most dangerous airports of the world because the runway is so short and ends in the sea, ha. It’s such a bizarre place! But I loved! Hope I’ll be there again soon!  I’m so grateful I could come with Sadie and see this amazing bizarre place called Gibraltar.
Hope you’re all fine! x Alizée 

Jeans and Leather

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jeans vest- secondhand// leather jacket-h&m// t-shirt- new look// shoes- creepers// jeans- h&m

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a great weekend.. Mine was quite nice but now I need the week to relax a bit haha..

Last week I wore my jeans vest to university. The weather at the moment is changing every five minutes.

What I like about that, is that you can start layering your clothes. I wore this cute checked t-shirt with a leather jacket and my vest on top to add some warmth. Finished off with simple black jeans and yeah ..that’s all..really simple but I liked it that day!

And what do you think about my hairstyle haha? xxx Andreina

summer feelings

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top- secondhand// jacket- onyx// leggings-h&m// shoes-h&m
Hey Guys!

Hope you had a nice weekend full of sun! I went to my first open air this year and I can’t wait for summer to come! I purchased the top I’m wearing at the ‘Blogger Bazaar’  few weeks ago. Eventhough you have to pay entrance, I think it is a nice thing to go there. We got free drinks, the girls were really nice and they sold their clothes at a good price!

I got the velvet shoes at H&M last winter and I ‘D.I.Y.-ed’ the jeans jacket some years ago.. I made even the crystal necklace myself. It was super easy, because I just wrapped a wire around it and formed a loop at the end. I will post some pictures about that! Have a great week! xx Andreina


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Jacket – Tally Weijl // Cut Out Shirt – Primark// Maxi Skirt – H&M// Belt – Vintage// Shoes – YRU// Sunglasses – H&M//

Hi Babes,
like Andreina already told you we had uni yesterday and we’re finally in one class. Isn’t that amazing? It is so important to have good friends and also important to let them know how much you love them. It’s still a bit weird to be back to Hamburg since I’m dreaming every night about London. But I’ve missed my friends badly and I’m so looking forward to spend a great time with all of them. I already miss the people I got to know in London. I’m always thankful for inventions like facetime and whatsapp, lol. So you can stay in touch.Well, the new semester began and I have such a great energy. The only thing that bothers me at the moment is that it’s fucking freezing outside. I mean the sun is shining, why does have to be so cold? haha
So I’m off to my hometown tomorrow to finally see my mum and my sister. And oh, I almost forgot! Have a lovely Easter weekend guys! xx Alizée

Fishnet Love

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fishnet fishnet1fishnet body – themooncult// coat – primark// skirt – h&m// shoes – river island//

Hi Babes,

sorry for the lack of posts, I was quite busy last week and weekend since we had the show on saturday. I just quickly want to give you an impression of what I wore yesterday. I’m going to blog about my internship and my time in London on Saturday or Sunday. So stay tuned!! Well, as you can see, I’m quite into the pastel goth and witchy style at the moment.

And of course I’m still wearing loads of black clothes. I wonder when that will change, lol.

Much love to you guys xx Alizée

Quick DIY

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Hey Guys,
we have thought about writing more different posts and not only ootd’s. So I just wanted to show you a quick DIY I did today. If you want to change up the look of an old jacket it’s an easy way to give it a new collar. All I needed was this ‘teddy fur’ fabric and some of this blue lining material. I measured the lentgh of the collar of my jacket. And out of this I created my new collar. I cut it out of both fabrics and then sewed them together. You can just pin it with safety pins on the original collar et voilà! It’s a quick way to give your jacket a new look! Hope you like it! Hugs! Andreina

keeping it simple

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coat- zara// turtleneck- topshop// jeans- urbanoutfitters// backpack- muci// shoes- monki// cap- h&m

Hey Guys!

Today I wore my Zara coat which I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I still like it, because in my opinion it gives you immediately a more classy look. I got a few of these turtlenecks for christmas that I wore underneath.  I really enjoy wearing them this winter. I like the look and that you stay warm! For shoes I wore my lace-up shoes. It was sunny enough so they shined all day long haha! Well all in all I kept it quite simple, and just to spice things up I put my cap on!

Hope your all fine! xx  Andreina

Mermaid Kitten

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kitten3kitten2kitten1kitten5 kitten4net shirt – topman // leo body – vintage // hat – primark // bag – tiger // choker (actually a belt) – urban outfitters // shoes – river island //

Hi Babes,

happy belated new year! I somehow started to like my natural hair again, but I’m already thinking about what color I will be up for next. I got a lot of compliments for this undefinable color while I’m not quite sure wether I like it or not. To be honest, I have no idea why my hair is still blueish… I mean I dyed them blue last year in September or October… (And YES! I wash my hair regularly, lol) When it comes to the choker (which I absolutely love) I have to tell you a little secret: It was a belt from urban outfitters! Believe it or not but I wrapped it twice around my neck and fixed it with tape. The best way to get a new choker, isn’t it?!

Well, since this is my first post of 2015 I’d like to wish you all the best! Always keep it positive and focus on your strengths and do what you love, no matter what! Did you make any New years resolutions? I did! But they’re privat, haha!


So much love to you guys! x Alizée

Bomber it!

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skaterskirt- urbanoutfitters// t-shirt- selfmade// t-shirt- h&m// bomberjacket- vintage// creepers-undeground

Hey Guys!
First things first: Happy new year!
We shot these pictures the day Alizée and I met in hamburg. It was quite cold so I had put on my large bomber jacket. I know its quite big for me but I kind of like this look. The cropped t-shirt with the short turtleneck is selfmade and because it is transparent I had to wear a white shirt underneath. I stole the moon necklace from my mum, because I liked it so much..shhh haha! Oh and I wore the most comfortable shoes creepers! They fit your feet perfectly and if they wouldn’t be that heavy, I would totaly forget I’m wearing shoes at all. Just love them! Love you! Hugs and Love! Andreina