My winter essentials

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Hey guys, it’s been a while and we’re so sorry for the lack of posts. Anyways, happy new year boys and girls! I was just thinking about making an outfit post when I realized I really have no idea how to dress when it’s fucking freezing outside. So I just thought I might just do a post about a couple of things I survive the winter with.Winter1

Gloves – Urban Outfitters// fluffy headband – monki// and the knitted jumper is my fave! My Mum gave that to me out of her closet and we all know how cool mum’s closets can be right? winter3

Next are some incense sticks and some books I’m gonna read! I love it when it’s snowing outside and you just stay in bed and read all day/night.winter4And last but not least my warmy, Artemis my all time fave stuffed animal (Go Sailor Team!) And also really important Tee and Vitamin C! Nobody would like to get a cold right? Anyways I’m trying to shoot some outfit pictures of my wrapped up 1000 layer look soon lol. What do you hate or like about winter and what do you like to do to survive it?

Much love x Alizée


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