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Hey Dolls,

since Andreina did the NYE outfits I was thinking about doing some make up inspiration post for you guys. I never wore so much make up when I lived in Germany but since I’m in London I really started to try out new things. Now eyeliner and lipstick isn’t enough for me! Well, I wanted to show you 3 of my favourite looks and here they are:

Space Bae

space bae

What you need: black eyeliner, glitter eyeliner, black and white lipstick (if you don’t have grey), a bit of black eyeshadow

What I love about fashion and make up is that you can always slip into another role. Well, this is the space witch role. I really love the 60s space look and tried it out for the first time today and it’s even easier than I thought it would be!! Just add a bit of glitter to the inside of your black eyeliner and it’s spacey as fuck! Instead of my almost one and only favorite lipstick color black, I used a black mixed with white to finish the look off with some space grey. I think this is my look for NYE, bitches! <3

Atlantis Queen

mermaidy diva

The secound look is almost my make up from halloween look, well I was a mermaid for halloween as you may have seen on instagram. But for NYE I did it a bit darker, you know I love black. So here it is.

Evil Doll

evil doll

And the last one is just the evil or horror doll. I know it’s more like a costume party thing, but I really love it. Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve with all your beloved friends. And don’t drink too much!

Cheers! Alizée

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