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Fishnet Love

Posted on: Februar 26th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

fishnet fishnet1fishnet body – themooncult// coat – primark// skirt – h&m// shoes – river island//

Hi Babes,

sorry for the lack of posts, I was quite busy last week and weekend since we had the show on saturday. I just quickly want to give you an impression of what I wore yesterday. I’m going to blog about my internship and my time in London on Saturday or Sunday. So stay tuned!! Well, as you can see, I’m quite into the pastel goth and witchy style at the moment.

And of course I’m still wearing loads of black clothes. I wonder when that will change, lol.

Much love to you guys xx Alizée

Pastel Goth

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Cut out cross shirt – topshop// disco pants – American apparel// black cardigan – Gina tricot// harness – DIY// platform boots – river island//hat – Primark//

Hi babes,
I finally found some time to take some pictures of my outfit! My internship is still very exciting and I still love it. We had the video shooting of the collection on Friday and the look book shooting is up next! So stay tuned and I’ll share what I’ve worked on here on the blog after we had the presentation at London fashion week!
When it comes to what I’m wearing, I found this awesome cross top, what I bought almost 3 years ago at topshop, in my suitcase. I didn’t even know I took it to London with me. But it’s perfect to wear my self made harness underneath, isn’t it? Well, I actually don’t want to leave London in the end of March… But I do look forward to see my lovely friends again of course. And I’m very excited to wear all of the clothes and shoes I left in Germany again… Lol
Have a lovely Sunday, guys!
Much love! Alizée

Witchy claws

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Hi baes,
First of all a happy Sunday to all of you out there! I’m just blogging a quick beauty post for you since I did my nails yesterday. I know I haven’t posted in ages and I’m really sorry for that. But there is so much to do, I still got no camera and the weather is shitty when I want to take photos. I thought I just show you what I did with my nails yesterday. It’s pretty simple but looks amazing. You just need black and transparent glitter varnish for all nails I found the green-blue-gold glitter varnish at superdrug and when I read “mermaid collection” I couldn’t help but buy it, haha. Well, the glitter gems are from Claire’s, and the ones of you that follow me on Instagram know that I love to decorate my face with them, lol. Just take a bit of nail glue and stick them on your nails. I think it’s an amazing effect to have one nail highlighted like this. What do you think?
xx Alizée

Mermaid Kitten

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kitten3kitten2kitten1kitten5 kitten4net shirt – topman // leo body – vintage // hat – primark // bag – tiger // choker (actually a belt) – urban outfitters // shoes – river island //

Hi Babes,

happy belated new year! I somehow started to like my natural hair again, but I’m already thinking about what color I will be up for next. I got a lot of compliments for this undefinable color while I’m not quite sure wether I like it or not. To be honest, I have no idea why my hair is still blueish… I mean I dyed them blue last year in September or October… (And YES! I wash my hair regularly, lol) When it comes to the choker (which I absolutely love) I have to tell you a little secret: It was a belt from urban outfitters! Believe it or not but I wrapped it twice around my neck and fixed it with tape. The best way to get a new choker, isn’t it?!

Well, since this is my first post of 2015 I’d like to wish you all the best! Always keep it positive and focus on your strengths and do what you love, no matter what! Did you make any New years resolutions? I did! But they’re privat, haha!


So much love to you guys! x Alizée

Cute as F***

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstriped shirt – vintage// skirt – DIY// panda tights – primark// plateau boots – river island// backpack – urban outfitters//

Hi Babes,

I spent the sunday with Andreina and we finally had time to take some photos. Since I arrived at Hamburg on Wednesday I barely had spare time, I was so busy meeting friends before I’m going back to my hometown to my family for christmas. I had a great time in Hamburg with my friends and now looking forward to spent time with my mother and my sister. And on Boxing Day I’m going to return to London.

Well, I was wearing my super cute panda tights as you can see. They made the kawaii-goth-grungy look perfect, don’t they?

xx Alizée

Memories of last summer..

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Hey Guys!
Today I wanted to post some older looks I found on my laptop. Obviously we took these photos in summer when the weather was warm and sunny. At the moment it’s really not that easy to take nice pictures, because it’s only a few hours we have enough light.
That’s really annoying..but I hope you are okay with my summer looks and I wish you a lovely time before christmas! Lots of love, Andreina!

Black Ice

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Black Ice3

Black Ice4

Black Ice5

Black Ice1

Black Ice2cardigan – gina tricot // transparent dress – gina tricot // heels – jeffrey campbell// body chain – gina tricot// black velvet choker – claires// 90’s saturn choker – themooncult//


yesterday Serah and I took outfit photos in Notting Hill. I totally fell in love with the beautiful houses there. And where could on take better outfit photos of me (wearing black all the time) than in front of white houses? When it comes to what I was wearing on these photos I remember the day when I got the dress and the body chain. It was at the opening event of gina tricot in Berlin and what I didn’t know was they had a best dressed contest there. I automatically took part by letting somebody taking a photo when I got there. And guess what!! I won with 2 other beautifully dressed ladies!!! The price was a 500€ voucher! Amazing, isn’t it?! I think it was about 3 years ago but I still love this dress and the body chain. They’re like these pieces you have forever in your closet and you love their story and you always feel good in them. Well, my new Jeffrey Campbells are another story, I found them 2 weeks ago at tk maxx here in London. I was so excited when I saw them and found out they’re my size! I guess, thats all I can say about my outfit. But there’s another post coming up this week (I’m still working on it, lol). It will be a photo diary post about yesterday. We had so much fun together and it one of these perfect days. So stay tuned!

Much love


Taller than a basketballer

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taller1 taller2plateau shoes – y.r.u. // crop top – tally weijl// coat – primark// trousers – urban classics// socks – topshop//

Hi boys and girls,

today I’m wearing my good old basketball trousers. I bought them 5 or 6 years ago when I danced hip hop in them. Obviously, you don’t wear them high waist so that they actually are baggy and for men. I found them in my closet before I came to London and thought that they might look good with my white y.r.u shoes. They are amazing, aren’t they?!

Well, I’m still in London for my internship at Sadie Clayton, as I told you earlier, and I love it so much. Check out her homepage! She’s amazing! I am so happy to have the possibility to work with her and I already learned so much!

Moreover, I absolutely love London, I mean I’ve been here before, but I already feel home here.

xx Alizée

p.s. for more updates about london just follow me on instagram

Atlantis City

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dress – monki// faux leather vest – monki

Hey Guys,

auf den Bildern seht ihr mein Outfit von Freitag. Meine Hand habe ich nebenbei im Unterricht bemalt. Total meditativ und ich kann super dabei zuhören. Kann ich nur empfehlen! Da wir am Freitag von 9-18 Uhr in der Uni waren, musste das Outfit selbstverständlich bequem sein. Und da das Wetter dazu letzte Woche so wunderschön war und man keine Jacke brauchte, hab ich einfach meine gemütliche Lederweste drüber gezogen. Diese Woche ist es leider schon wieder kälter. Mir wird der Sommer so sehr fehlen. Die Open Airs, draußen in Restaurants zu sitzen, im Park rumzuliegen und sich von der Sonne bescheinen lassen. Naja, aber wem fehlt das denn nicht?

xx Alizée


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jacket – urban outfitters // top – sewn by me // maxi skirt – h&m// socks and sun glasses – monki//


Gestern haben wir nach der Uni am Hafen ein paar Bilder gemacht. Passende Location zu meinen Mermaid Haaren würde ich sagen, hehe. Ich habe mal wieder etwas experimentiert und bin sehr zufrieden mit dem leuchtend blauen Ergebnis. Jetzt brauche ich meine Perücke wirklich nur noch an bad hair days. Wünsche euch einen wunderbaren Abend, meine Lieben!

xx Alizée

Jelly and Donuts

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Shirt – Vintage // Skirt – Monki // jacket – gina tricot // donut socks – monki // jelly shoes – urban outfitters//

Hi ihr Lieben!

Oh mein Gott! Die, die mich kennen wissen, dass ich ja auf niedliches glitzerndes Zeug total abfahre, auch wenn ich manchmal nicht so wirken mag. ABER DIESE DONUT SOCKEN UND DIESE JELLY SCHUHE! Ich konnte einfach nicht nein sagen. Diese Kombination ist so süß wie ein Donut selbst finde ich. Auf dem letzten Bild könnt ihr auch meine heiß geliebten Kontaktlinsen sehen. Seit ich Kind war, habe ich mir immer grüne Augen gewünscht! Und nun hab ich endlich eine Lösung dafür gefunden.

Das wars auch schon wieder von mir, werde mich jetzt weiter einer Schnittkonstruktion widmen. Einen schönen Abend wünsche ich euch!

xx Alizée

Cash Money Sailor Moon Shit

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Jacket – Monki // (longer) Jacket – Gina Tricot // crop top – urban outfitters // pants – vintage

Moin moin,

ich habe es auch endlich wieder geschafft ein Outfit zu posten. Zwischen den Klausuren und Abgaben schafft man es nicht mal für ein paar Minuten sich an den PC zu setzen und einen kleinen Beitrag zu schreiben. Vermutlich bin ich mit dem Kopf schon wieder ganz woanders und verplane es deshalb. Shame on me! Nun denn, zu meinem Outfit ist zu sagen, dass ich aus meinen weißen Tretern kaum raus zu bekommen bin. Und meine selbst zusammen gebaute Dollar-Kette lege ich auch schon fast reflexartig an.

Und nun muss ich mich wieder meinen Uni Aufgaben widmen. Ich wünsch euch noch einen schönen Abend. xx Alizée