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Oh Gibraltar

Posted on: August 19th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments


Hi Lovelies,

As some of you may have seen on Instagram already, I’ve been to Gibraltar this year for 2 nights with Sadie Clayton. She was invited over to showcase at the Runway Gibraltar event and was allowed to bring one assistant. It was quite surreal because I just got back to London and the next day we flew out to this place I’ve heard of but never actually had a picture in my head of it. Anyways Gibraltar is such a lovely place to be! It’s just mind blowing that you can see Africa and walk to Spain. It takes you 20 minutes on the ferry to Morocco (unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time). But still we made a tour to the top of the mountain (which looks a bit as it’s an island in pirates of the carribean, haha) we saw some of these cute little monkeys, went to see the incredible caves and of course had a look to Africa. 

It’s also interesting to see all the British influence as well. All the people were friendly, you paid in pounds and oh my god look at that red phone box in the middle of the botanical garden! That is just hilarious, isn’t it? 

Well, anyways we stayed at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel which was just dream of a hotel. The first day we had the show and the after show party. It was so much fun and so well organized as well. I mean I as an assistant could relax and nothing really to prepare before and after the show. The next day Sadie had an interview with GBC and afterwards we had the time to go to the top of the mountain with a really friendly taxi driver who showed us around. 

Oh my god! I completely forgot! The Airport of Gibraltar is also the border, which means if you come from Spain you have to walk across the airport runway and it’s also one of the most dangerous airports of the world because the runway is so short and ends in the sea, ha. It’s such a bizarre place! But I loved! Hope I’ll be there again soon!  I’m so grateful I could come with Sadie and see this amazing bizarre place called Gibraltar.
Hope you’re all fine! x Alizée