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On the streets

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latex pants- second hand// turtleneck- secondhand// bomber-secondhand// shoes-vagabond

Hey Guys,
these are my last weeks here in Berlin and I already miss the city. I love how open minded the people are here. Even fashion wise..Nobody gives you a strange look if you are dressed in a certain way, because nobody cares. And it’s great!
This it what I wore last weekend when we still had some sunshine here in Germany. A friend visited me and we did some shopping together. I got a really nice spiked collar and I can’t wait to show it to you!
I wore these ultra shiny latex pants I got at the thrift store. I really love how they look but you get reaaaally sweaty in these after a while..haha. The turtleneck is also thrifted and I put on my new Mac lipstick ‘smoked purple’. The perfect dark lip color! Do you know some other?
Have a great week! Lots of love! Andreina


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Hey Girls and Boys!

It has been a while that I have posted something. I thought I would start with this little diary. My friend Julia visited me from Hamburg. We had an awesome weekend together and finally I found the time to do some ‘touristic’ stuff. We visited a gallery, did some shopping, chilled at the Mauerpark and ate at a great asian restaurant. The weather was nice so we went also to te flea market at the RAW Area and I found some nice things there. Love this!


As you can see I bleached and cut my hair and now I am really blonde.. I have never had my hair that light before, but I really like it! My hairdresser bleached it two times. At first I did an brown to blonde Ombré look. After a few weeks I decided to bleach also the roots..Like this I didn’t damage my hair that much.
How do you like it?
Lots of love

childhood days

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IMG-20150720-WA0177 class=
IMG-20150720-WA0168 class=
IMG-20150720-WA0180 class=
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Hey Guys!
How has your summer been so far? I have had a great time since I moved to berlin. So many new things happend.. and I was able to experience lots of cool things like the fashion week, the feel festival, parties and discovering berlin!
And I was lucky Alizee and friends visited me in the first weeks. But since they left I really miss them sometimes!
I haven’t posted the pictures we took at the playground, before we went shopping in the toy shop. Haha it was a great afternoon!
I was wearing a checked skater skirt I sew myself, a bralette and some torn fishnet tights. Maybe not the best idea if you want to go crazy on the playground but whatever!
Wish you a great weekend! xx Andreina

Playground Stories

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playground playground1 playground2 playground3

criss cross body suit – themooncult // maxi skirt – h&m// bag – tiger// boots – river island// bra – urban outfitters //

Hey Babes,

I just left Hamburg for another 3 months. I’m currently staying in Berlin at a friend’s place and going to be in London again next week. Well, I thought it’s good to hang out for a while in Berlin seeing some friends and having some rest before going to the feel festival this weekend. I’m so looking forward to dancing in the sun. Anyways, I spent today with Karlotta walking around Berlin and stopping here and there for a short break, playing on the playground or looking for some vintage stuff we unfortunately didn’t find at all.

Have a lovely weekend lovelies xx Alizée

Skull Belt

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IMG-20150627-WA0011IMG-20150627-WA0018 class=IMG-20150627-WA0012
IMG-20150627-WA0017 class=

Hey Guys!

I don’t really know what to tell you.. so let’s skip to the outfit. Found this belt in my closet that i bought few years ago in Italy. I got the top at h&m just because I liked the sun and moon pattern so much.
As you might have seen I have one of Alizees braids now! She braided it to my hair last weekend. I really love it! It is so cute and it makes me feel like I’m 8 years old again haha..

Hugs! Andreina

Jeans and Leather

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jeans vest- secondhand// leather jacket-h&m// t-shirt- new look// shoes- creepers// jeans- h&m

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a great weekend.. Mine was quite nice but now I need the week to relax a bit haha..

Last week I wore my jeans vest to university. The weather at the moment is changing every five minutes.

What I like about that, is that you can start layering your clothes. I wore this cute checked t-shirt with a leather jacket and my vest on top to add some warmth. Finished off with simple black jeans and yeah ..that’s all..really simple but I liked it that day!

And what do you think about my hairstyle haha? xxx Andreina

Doll Life

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shirt – primark // sun glasses – bijoux brigitte // necklaces – mooncult, claires// shorts – vintage// belt – vintage// shoes – YRU//

Hey Dolls,

I wore this outfit last week to uni. I spent some time with friends hanging out afterwards. As you can see it was really windy and hard to take some good shots at all. To be honest this is my new favorite shirt I want to be buried in this shirt! When I found it at Primark it was longer and had sleeves so I cut all this unnecessary shit off. Well, the best thing about this outfit is actually my matching pink eyeliner from claire’s, isn’t it?

Much love, Alizée

summer feelings

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top- secondhand// jacket- onyx// leggings-h&m// shoes-h&m
Hey Guys!

Hope you had a nice weekend full of sun! I went to my first open air this year and I can’t wait for summer to come! I purchased the top I’m wearing at the ‘Blogger Bazaar’  few weeks ago. Eventhough you have to pay entrance, I think it is a nice thing to go there. We got free drinks, the girls were really nice and they sold their clothes at a good price!

I got the velvet shoes at H&M last winter and I ‘D.I.Y.-ed’ the jeans jacket some years ago.. I made even the crystal necklace myself. It was super easy, because I just wrapped a wire around it and formed a loop at the end. I will post some pictures about that! Have a great week! xx Andreina


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coat – lindex// cardigan – gina tricot// dress – tally weijl// hat – primark// socks – topshop// heels – primark//

Hey boys and girls,

I really don’t know what to tell you right now. I just finished a very long text about my internship in London for uni. Ugh, really annoying to write like 8-10 pages… But anyways, I’m already done with that. So I basically spent my weekend doing nothing but uni stuff and hanging out alone. Well, that’s not completely true, lol. I was out on Friday and it was fun. But somehow, I still feel a bit lost. I can’t really explain it, maybe it’s still because everything changed and somehow was the same when I got back. I’m glad to have my friends though.

Have a lovely sunday evening <3

xx Alizee


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Jacket – Tally Weijl // Cut Out Shirt – Primark// Maxi Skirt – H&M// Belt – Vintage// Shoes – YRU// Sunglasses – H&M//

Hi Babes,
like Andreina already told you we had uni yesterday and we’re finally in one class. Isn’t that amazing? It is so important to have good friends and also important to let them know how much you love them. It’s still a bit weird to be back to Hamburg since I’m dreaming every night about London. But I’ve missed my friends badly and I’m so looking forward to spend a great time with all of them. I already miss the people I got to know in London. I’m always thankful for inventions like facetime and whatsapp, lol. So you can stay in touch.Well, the new semester began and I have such a great energy. The only thing that bothers me at the moment is that it’s fucking freezing outside. I mean the sun is shining, why does have to be so cold? haha
So I’m off to my hometown tomorrow to finally see my mum and my sister. And oh, I almost forgot! Have a lovely Easter weekend guys! xx Alizée

Fishnet Love

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fishnet fishnet1fishnet body – themooncult// coat – primark// skirt – h&m// shoes – river island//

Hi Babes,

sorry for the lack of posts, I was quite busy last week and weekend since we had the show on saturday. I just quickly want to give you an impression of what I wore yesterday. I’m going to blog about my internship and my time in London on Saturday or Sunday. So stay tuned!! Well, as you can see, I’m quite into the pastel goth and witchy style at the moment.

And of course I’m still wearing loads of black clothes. I wonder when that will change, lol.

Much love to you guys xx Alizée

Pastel Goth

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Cut out cross shirt – topshop// disco pants – American apparel// black cardigan – Gina tricot// harness – DIY// platform boots – river island//hat – Primark//

Hi babes,
I finally found some time to take some pictures of my outfit! My internship is still very exciting and I still love it. We had the video shooting of the collection on Friday and the look book shooting is up next! So stay tuned and I’ll share what I’ve worked on here on the blog after we had the presentation at London fashion week!
When it comes to what I’m wearing, I found this awesome cross top, what I bought almost 3 years ago at topshop, in my suitcase. I didn’t even know I took it to London with me. But it’s perfect to wear my self made harness underneath, isn’t it? Well, I actually don’t want to leave London in the end of March… But I do look forward to see my lovely friends again of course. And I’m very excited to wear all of the clothes and shoes I left in Germany again… Lol
Have a lovely Sunday, guys!
Much love! Alizée