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Black Lady Vibes

Posted on: Januar 20th, 2016 by Alizee No Comments

black lady 1 black lady2 black lady3 black lady4 black lady5

Coat – Primark // dress – H&M // top – selfmade // kimono – H&M// boots – primark // scarf -DIY //

Hey boys and girls,

I’m not sure if you noticed that I’m quite a big Sailor Moon fan, haha… well who wouldn’t notice that lol. Anyways yesterday morning I felt like dressing like the black lady from Sailor Moon and I’m actually amazed the look turned out to be pretty cool. I felt really compfortable in this slightly witchy and anime look. About the scarf I can say I made this once out of an old jersey scarf I had from H&M I think. I simply took a cutter and voila you have a pretty random but cool scarf. (It isn’t that warm though lol) Well, we’re trying to post more often now and hope you enjoy this look. Are there some Sailor Moon fans out there?

xx Alizée

Badass Ballerina

Posted on: September 24th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

Badass Ballerina1

badass Ballerina2 Kopie

badass ballerina3 Kopie

badass ballerina4

badass Ballerina5

badass ballerina6

Tulle Skirt – relaxfeelfashion // velvet body – vintage // boots – river island // leather jacket – vintage // tattoo choker – themooncult // cross choker – DIY //

Hey Babes,

I just received this beautiful tulle skirt from . OMG, I’m so in love with it! So my look for today is the ballerina from hell haha. As I always loved contrasts I thought it’s gonna look pretty badass if I combine this tutu with black velvet and fishnet tights and my fave boots. And as it’s getting colder now it’s also good to have a warm piece of velvet underneath my leather jacket, haha. ALSO: There is a giveaway from relaxfeel which I shared in the post before. I wish you all good luck! Go and grab that $200 voucher and shop their amazing cloths. Click HERE and buy your cute tulle skirt !

Much love Alizée


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hat – primark// blouse – vintage blacky dress// faux leather vest – monki// fishnet crop top – DIY// trousers – pieces// boots – primark//

Hi Baes, this is what I wore to uni last week. I tried to keep it pretty simple (but as you know I’m not really the minimalistic kinda girl). So I combined this vintage blacky dress pirate blouse I found in Berlin years ago with my black oversized faux leather vest. I didn’t want to look to “chic” so I wore my selfmade fishnet top underneath. Anyways, there are only a few days of uni left, before I’m going to spend some days in Berlin before I go back to London. Have a nice evening babes xx Alizée

Caged Dancer

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skirt – vintage// faux leather jacket – primark// bag – tiger// boots – river island// harness – DIY// bandeau top – urban outfitters// hat – primark//

Hey lovelies,

I wasn’t feeling very well last week. Do you know this feeling you have when good things happen but you still somehow feel sad? Well, I figured out I’m at the moment feeling caged and I just wanna dance, you know what I mean? But I meditated yesterday and concentrated on positive things and banished the negativity. I meditate often because it really helps you to keep everything balanced, which is very important in life and you really get distanced to all the bullshit people do, lol. Anyways, I don’t hope you guys are feeling sad at all. Especially now when the sun comes out.

Wish you all the best xx Alizée

Arrogant Witch

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dress – vero moda// hat – primark// shoes – yru// socks – topshop// black mens shirt – vintage//

Hey witch baes,

I lately fall for this arrogant witch look I think I might have been one in a former life, lol. Do you know this when you wake up, get dressed and you can feel your look? That is what happens to me every morning in the past weeks. As you can see I got my hair done properly last month and I haven’t had braids in ages but I really feel good and I’m finally happy about how my hair looks. I always think that it’s so important to feel comfortable with the way you look and the things you do. For me it’s one of the most interesting things about fashion to feel comfortable and to show who you are. I like that you can show that you’re for example part of something or against something and although I think it’s sad that there are still so many prejudices about people who dress in a different way. But if you only concentrate on the positive things in life you realize that there don’t have to be boundaries and people who dress for example out of your comfort zone don’t have to be weird or strange people. I just love the fact that people are so different and somehow all the same.

I mean I love to look kinda arrogant but I don’t really think I am. I only like the distance you get to people because I sometimes prefer to live in my own world and don’t have human contact all the time. And it works, lol. Anyways, this was my friday look and I just went to uni and then enjoyed the lovely weather with friends. I need to get some work done for uni now although I’m not really motivated in this semester. I just can’t wait to return to London in July. Have a lovely sunday evening! xx Alizée

Sad n Blue

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jacket – tally weijl// body & belt – vintage// skirt – monki// boots – river island// chokers – claire’s, themooncult//

Hi Baes,

this is just a quick update what I wore a few days ago. I’m totally in love with this hair color although I already changed my hair again. Some of you may have seen on instagram (@_atlantisqueen_ ) that I have braids now. To be honest it was not only a “style” but also a laziness decision, no more straightening my hair and no more being furious when it starting to rain and my hair is partying without me. I’m gonna show you in the next post.

Hope you have a lovely day or night xx Alizée

Little Witch

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little witch1

little witch3

little witch4

little witch5

little witch6Spiked top – topshop// fishnet body – the mooncult// skirt – sewn by me//boots – primark// choker – DIY// hat – primark// earrings – monki//

Hi Babes,

I spent the sunday (international women’s day) with Serah and her lovely housemate in central London. It makes me kind of sad that I only have 16 Days left in this amazing city. Of course I’m over the moon to see my friends and family again soon. But I also made new friends here and I’m going to miss all of them. I’m still working on the post about my “London adventure” but I can’t finish it before I’m back. I feel like theres so much more going to happen in the last two weeks. But maybe I’m going to blog two seperate posts. I have to think about that again.

Anyways, I’m wearing this spiked top I bought (ironically) in London almost 3 years ago. I didn’t even know I put it in my suitcase. But I stopped wearing studds and spikes for a long time because they were almost everywhere and I had enough of them. But combined with my favorite fishnet body suite from the mooncult I started loving it again.

Have a nice week guys! Lots of Love! x Alizée

keeping it simple

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coat- zara// turtleneck- topshop// jeans- urbanoutfitters// backpack- muci// shoes- monki// cap- h&m

Hey Guys!

Today I wore my Zara coat which I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I still like it, because in my opinion it gives you immediately a more classy look. I got a few of these turtlenecks for christmas that I wore underneath.  I really enjoy wearing them this winter. I like the look and that you stay warm! For shoes I wore my lace-up shoes. It was sunny enough so they shined all day long haha! Well all in all I kept it quite simple, and just to spice things up I put my cap on!

Hope your all fine! xx  Andreina

Mermaid Kitten

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kitten3kitten2kitten1kitten5 kitten4net shirt – topman // leo body – vintage // hat – primark // bag – tiger // choker (actually a belt) – urban outfitters // shoes – river island //

Hi Babes,

happy belated new year! I somehow started to like my natural hair again, but I’m already thinking about what color I will be up for next. I got a lot of compliments for this undefinable color while I’m not quite sure wether I like it or not. To be honest, I have no idea why my hair is still blueish… I mean I dyed them blue last year in September or October… (And YES! I wash my hair regularly, lol) When it comes to the choker (which I absolutely love) I have to tell you a little secret: It was a belt from urban outfitters! Believe it or not but I wrapped it twice around my neck and fixed it with tape. The best way to get a new choker, isn’t it?!

Well, since this is my first post of 2015 I’d like to wish you all the best! Always keep it positive and focus on your strengths and do what you love, no matter what! Did you make any New years resolutions? I did! But they’re privat, haha!


So much love to you guys! x Alizée

Memories of last summer..

Posted on: Dezember 11th, 2014 by Andreina No Comments


Hey Guys!
Today I wanted to post some older looks I found on my laptop. Obviously we took these photos in summer when the weather was warm and sunny. At the moment it’s really not that easy to take nice pictures, because it’s only a few hours we have enough light.
That’s really annoying..but I hope you are okay with my summer looks and I wish you a lovely time before christmas! Lots of love, Andreina!

come over to the dark side..

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dress-h&M// bomber-primark// boots-vagabond

Hey guys,
I just wanted to show you quickly what I wore last week to university. I got this black dress a few weeks ago and it’s a perfect piece to just throw on if you’re not sure what to wear. The dress has got pockets in the front and a hood, so it basically looks like a long sweater.
As you may see, it’s slightly transparent. I like to wear it to partys just with a bra or even to school with a top underneath.
It got freezing cold here in hamburg in the last days, so I had to wear a jacket and a big scarf on top. Hope you like it, cause I think it’s always good to have these pieces in your closet you can wear to any occasion!
And of course it has to be black to fit everything. So don’t forget: come over to the dark side! We have a lot of fun over here! haha
Hugs and love! Andreina

sunday afternoon

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Hey Guys,
today I spent one of these perfect sundays, like they should always be. I laid in bed all the morining and in the afternoon my lovely friend Fenja picked me up. We went for a walk at the Elbe. Though it got quite cold here in Hamburg the weather was nice and sunny. So we saw this beautiful sunset as we went for a tea in the evening.
I wore these striped tights with a long warm sweater on top and my thrifted jeans jacket. As you may have noticed, I got cut a fringe in the holidays and I quite like this look. What do you think?
Lots of love, Andreina.
jeans jacket- thrifted// sweater- urbanoutfitters// tights- camden market// shoes-zuiki// beanie-h&m// scarf-vintage