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Lost Spirit

Posted on: November 10th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

lost spirit lost spirit3 lost spirit5

jacket – vintage // dress – asos // boots – river island// hat – primark //

Hey boys and girls,

as you may have seen on instagram, I’m back in Hamburg now to finish my studies here.   It was a great experience to work in London for almost 10 Months. I’m really happy I had the opportunity and although London is pretty expensive I somehow made it and came back to good old cheap Germany. It was such an amazing journey not only for work experience and living in another country but it really helped me find my place in the world. I mean this is an important thing and to be honest I simply fell in love with London. (More and more every day). Of course it still somehow hurts I had to leave my beloved place to be, but I realized at the moment there is nothing I can really change about the situation and I’m making the best out of it. I’m really happy to have all my friends here otherwise it would really depress me. I mean I love Hamburg somehow but there’s this feeling within me that says I’m done with the city. Not that I will never come back but I feel a bit like a visitor and it doesn’t feel real to be here for the next 1 1/2 years. I feel like it’s really hard when you’ve already found yourself somewhere else (which is difficult enough) but then you’re kind of forced to move backwards in life and accept the fact that the whole atmosphere is different and not pushing you forwards but doing the opposite. I really feel hold back at the moment. But somehow I’ll find my way. I’m sure you have felt lost in your life as well. And I hope you all will find your place by doing what you love and by trying out things you always wanted to do.

Well, that was a quite personal post of what is going through my mind at the moment. But I just felt like sharing it somehow.

xx Alizée Dhel

Badass Ballerina

Posted on: September 24th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

Badass Ballerina1

badass Ballerina2 Kopie

badass ballerina3 Kopie

badass ballerina4

badass Ballerina5

badass ballerina6

Tulle Skirt – relaxfeelfashion // velvet body – vintage // boots – river island // leather jacket – vintage // tattoo choker – themooncult // cross choker – DIY //

Hey Babes,

I just received this beautiful tulle skirt from . OMG, I’m so in love with it! So my look for today is the ballerina from hell haha. As I always loved contrasts I thought it’s gonna look pretty badass if I combine this tutu with black velvet and fishnet tights and my fave boots. And as it’s getting colder now it’s also good to have a warm piece of velvet underneath my leather jacket, haha. ALSO: There is a giveaway from relaxfeel which I shared in the post before. I wish you all good luck! Go and grab that $200 voucher and shop their amazing cloths. Click HERE and buy your cute tulle skirt !

Much love Alizée

Caged Dancer

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skirt – vintage// faux leather jacket – primark// bag – tiger// boots – river island// harness – DIY// bandeau top – urban outfitters// hat – primark//

Hey lovelies,

I wasn’t feeling very well last week. Do you know this feeling you have when good things happen but you still somehow feel sad? Well, I figured out I’m at the moment feeling caged and I just wanna dance, you know what I mean? But I meditated yesterday and concentrated on positive things and banished the negativity. I meditate often because it really helps you to keep everything balanced, which is very important in life and you really get distanced to all the bullshit people do, lol. Anyways, I don’t hope you guys are feeling sad at all. Especially now when the sun comes out.

Wish you all the best xx Alizée

Arrogant Witch

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dress – vero moda// hat – primark// shoes – yru// socks – topshop// black mens shirt – vintage//

Hey witch baes,

I lately fall for this arrogant witch look I think I might have been one in a former life, lol. Do you know this when you wake up, get dressed and you can feel your look? That is what happens to me every morning in the past weeks. As you can see I got my hair done properly last month and I haven’t had braids in ages but I really feel good and I’m finally happy about how my hair looks. I always think that it’s so important to feel comfortable with the way you look and the things you do. For me it’s one of the most interesting things about fashion to feel comfortable and to show who you are. I like that you can show that you’re for example part of something or against something and although I think it’s sad that there are still so many prejudices about people who dress in a different way. But if you only concentrate on the positive things in life you realize that there don’t have to be boundaries and people who dress for example out of your comfort zone don’t have to be weird or strange people. I just love the fact that people are so different and somehow all the same.

I mean I love to look kinda arrogant but I don’t really think I am. I only like the distance you get to people because I sometimes prefer to live in my own world and don’t have human contact all the time. And it works, lol. Anyways, this was my friday look and I just went to uni and then enjoyed the lovely weather with friends. I need to get some work done for uni now although I’m not really motivated in this semester. I just can’t wait to return to London in July. Have a lovely sunday evening! xx Alizée

Sad n Blue

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jacket – tally weijl// body & belt – vintage// skirt – monki// boots – river island// chokers – claire’s, themooncult//

Hi Baes,

this is just a quick update what I wore a few days ago. I’m totally in love with this hair color although I already changed my hair again. Some of you may have seen on instagram (@_atlantisqueen_ ) that I have braids now. To be honest it was not only a “style” but also a laziness decision, no more straightening my hair and no more being furious when it starting to rain and my hair is partying without me. I’m gonna show you in the next post.

Hope you have a lovely day or night xx Alizée

Doll Life

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shirt – primark // sun glasses – bijoux brigitte // necklaces – mooncult, claires// shorts – vintage// belt – vintage// shoes – YRU//

Hey Dolls,

I wore this outfit last week to uni. I spent some time with friends hanging out afterwards. As you can see it was really windy and hard to take some good shots at all. To be honest this is my new favorite shirt I want to be buried in this shirt! When I found it at Primark it was longer and had sleeves so I cut all this unnecessary shit off. Well, the best thing about this outfit is actually my matching pink eyeliner from claire’s, isn’t it?

Much love, Alizée


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Jacket – Tally Weijl // Cut Out Shirt – Primark// Maxi Skirt – H&M// Belt – Vintage// Shoes – YRU// Sunglasses – H&M//

Hi Babes,
like Andreina already told you we had uni yesterday and we’re finally in one class. Isn’t that amazing? It is so important to have good friends and also important to let them know how much you love them. It’s still a bit weird to be back to Hamburg since I’m dreaming every night about London. But I’ve missed my friends badly and I’m so looking forward to spend a great time with all of them. I already miss the people I got to know in London. I’m always thankful for inventions like facetime and whatsapp, lol. So you can stay in touch.Well, the new semester began and I have such a great energy. The only thing that bothers me at the moment is that it’s fucking freezing outside. I mean the sun is shining, why does have to be so cold? haha
So I’m off to my hometown tomorrow to finally see my mum and my sister. And oh, I almost forgot! Have a lovely Easter weekend guys! xx Alizée

Fishnet Love

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fishnet fishnet1fishnet body – themooncult// coat – primark// skirt – h&m// shoes – river island//

Hi Babes,

sorry for the lack of posts, I was quite busy last week and weekend since we had the show on saturday. I just quickly want to give you an impression of what I wore yesterday. I’m going to blog about my internship and my time in London on Saturday or Sunday. So stay tuned!! Well, as you can see, I’m quite into the pastel goth and witchy style at the moment.

And of course I’m still wearing loads of black clothes. I wonder when that will change, lol.

Much love to you guys xx Alizée

Pastel Goth

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Cut out cross shirt – topshop// disco pants – American apparel// black cardigan – Gina tricot// harness – DIY// platform boots – river island//hat – Primark//

Hi babes,
I finally found some time to take some pictures of my outfit! My internship is still very exciting and I still love it. We had the video shooting of the collection on Friday and the look book shooting is up next! So stay tuned and I’ll share what I’ve worked on here on the blog after we had the presentation at London fashion week!
When it comes to what I’m wearing, I found this awesome cross top, what I bought almost 3 years ago at topshop, in my suitcase. I didn’t even know I took it to London with me. But it’s perfect to wear my self made harness underneath, isn’t it? Well, I actually don’t want to leave London in the end of March… But I do look forward to see my lovely friends again of course. And I’m very excited to wear all of the clothes and shoes I left in Germany again… Lol
Have a lovely Sunday, guys!
Much love! Alizée