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Black Lady Vibes

Posted on: Januar 20th, 2016 by Alizee No Comments

black lady 1 black lady2 black lady3 black lady4 black lady5

Coat – Primark // dress – H&M // top – selfmade // kimono – H&M// boots – primark // scarf -DIY //

Hey boys and girls,

I’m not sure if you noticed that I’m quite a big Sailor Moon fan, haha… well who wouldn’t notice that lol. Anyways yesterday morning I felt like dressing like the black lady from Sailor Moon and I’m actually amazed the look turned out to be pretty cool. I felt really compfortable in this slightly witchy and anime look. About the scarf I can say I made this once out of an old jersey scarf I had from H&M I think. I simply took a cutter and voila you have a pretty random but cool scarf. (It isn’t that warm though lol) Well, we’re trying to post more often now and hope you enjoy this look. Are there some Sailor Moon fans out there?

xx Alizée