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Lost Spirit

Posted on: November 10th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

lost spirit lost spirit3 lost spirit5

jacket – vintage // dress – asos // boots – river island// hat – primark //

Hey boys and girls,

as you may have seen on instagram, I’m back in Hamburg now to finish my studies here.   It was a great experience to work in London for almost 10 Months. I’m really happy I had the opportunity and although London is pretty expensive I somehow made it and came back to good old cheap Germany. It was such an amazing journey not only for work experience and living in another country but it really helped me find my place in the world. I mean this is an important thing and to be honest I simply fell in love with London. (More and more every day). Of course it still somehow hurts I had to leave my beloved place to be, but I realized at the moment there is nothing I can really change about the situation and I’m making the best out of it. I’m really happy to have all my friends here otherwise it would really depress me. I mean I love Hamburg somehow but there’s this feeling within me that says I’m done with the city. Not that I will never come back but I feel a bit like a visitor and it doesn’t feel real to be here for the next 1 1/2 years. I feel like it’s really hard when you’ve already found yourself somewhere else (which is difficult enough) but then you’re kind of forced to move backwards in life and accept the fact that the whole atmosphere is different and not pushing you forwards but doing the opposite. I really feel hold back at the moment. But somehow I’ll find my way. I’m sure you have felt lost in your life as well. And I hope you all will find your place by doing what you love and by trying out things you always wanted to do.

Well, that was a quite personal post of what is going through my mind at the moment. But I just felt like sharing it somehow.

xx Alizée Dhel

criss cross

Posted on: August 23rd, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

denim and fishnet header denim and fishnet1 denim and fishnet2 denim and fishnet3

criss cross body suit – themooncult// dungarees – vintage calvin klein// boots -dr martens// shoe laces & sun glasses – monki//

Hi guys,

this is only a quick outfit post. I’m still doing my internship in London and there are exciting times coming. So Serah and I met up the other day to go and see the Audrey Hepburn exhibition. But we were too late lol. So we enjoyed the sun and had a good evening anyways. Hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

xx Alizée

Cash Money Sailor Moon Shit

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Jacket – Monki // (longer) Jacket – Gina Tricot // crop top – urban outfitters // pants – vintage

Moin moin,

ich habe es auch endlich wieder geschafft ein Outfit zu posten. Zwischen den Klausuren und Abgaben schafft man es nicht mal für ein paar Minuten sich an den PC zu setzen und einen kleinen Beitrag zu schreiben. Vermutlich bin ich mit dem Kopf schon wieder ganz woanders und verplane es deshalb. Shame on me! Nun denn, zu meinem Outfit ist zu sagen, dass ich aus meinen weißen Tretern kaum raus zu bekommen bin. Und meine selbst zusammen gebaute Dollar-Kette lege ich auch schon fast reflexartig an.

Und nun muss ich mich wieder meinen Uni Aufgaben widmen. Ich wünsch euch noch einen schönen Abend. xx Alizée

Let’s play a game

Posted on: Juni 17th, 2013 by Alizee 5 Comments

game3game2game1vest – vintage //top – Primark // leggings – Black Milk Clothing // wedges – Topshop// sun glasses – H&M//

Hey you,

wanna play a game? Seriously, I love my black milk leggings! It’s pretty comfortable and looks great as well. What else do you ask for?! Well, when Lukas and I found this shopping cart right in front of our door, it took less than 10 seconds that we decided to take some photos with it. Here you go! Enjoy the sun, everybody!