Wicked Emerald

Posted on: September 15th, 2015 by Alizee No Comments

wicked emerald1 wicked emerald2 wicked emerald3 wicked emerald4 wicked emerald5

Shoes – river island// velvet crop top – tally weijl// skirt – vintage// bag – primark// leather jacket – vintage// cross choker – DIY// 

Hey babes,

I can’t believe that I only have two weeks left in London. Time flies, doesn’t it? I’m leaving for Paris soon! I’m so excited to see it, I’ve never been there (probably because I don’t speak French lol). Do you know when you have this kind of feeling about a place you’ve never been to? I quite have a strong feeling about Paris that it’s beautiful but cold in a way. I already know it won’t be a place that feels like home but I guess it’s a good place to spend a wonderful week. Anyways, as you already know I’ve been working for the designer Sadie Clayton at the moment! And it’s still amazing! We have the show on Friday in London and you can’t imagine how busy it is before the show. I’m literally just sitting on the bus sqeezing this blog post in because I have some spare minutes before I have to get off lol. Anyways, on the pictures you can see I’m still obsessed with this witchy look and I’ve got my hair done. I wanted to have the vibes of cruella de vil ha! I love dressing up like Disney or anime villains. I found this skirt in a vintage shop in Dalston around the corner from my work for only £3. And you never guess what!! I also found Dr martens there in my size for £3 as well!! How good is that?? I looove vintage shopping haha 

Wish you all an amazing week babes! X Alizée  

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