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Hi baes,
First of all a happy Sunday to all of you out there! I’m just blogging a quick beauty post for you since I did my nails yesterday. I know I haven’t posted in ages and I’m really sorry for that. But there is so much to do, I still got no camera and the weather is shitty when I want to take photos. I thought I just show you what I did with my nails yesterday. It’s pretty simple but looks amazing. You just need black and transparent glitter varnish for all nails I found the green-blue-gold glitter varnish at superdrug and when I read “mermaid collection” I couldn’t help but buy it, haha. Well, the glitter gems are from Claire’s, and the ones of you that follow me on Instagram know that I love to decorate my face with them, lol. Just take a bit of nail glue and stick them on your nails. I think it’s an amazing effect to have one nail highlighted like this. What do you think?
xx Alizée

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